Configure Efficient Lady's Organizer to Meet Your Individual Needs

Efficient Lady's Organizer has fully taken into account the habits and preferences of different users from different countries and regions.

  1. You can click View -> Interface Style to switch between different interface styles. Interface styles in colors such as blue, purple or green are available for you to choose from.
  2. For a contact, you can choose to enter the full name directly or enter the first name and last name separately. You can also configure the order of different parts of a contact's address (such as state, city, zip code, etc.). You can click Tools -> Options -> Contacts to complete this operation.
  3. You can click Tools -> Language to switch between UI languages in English and other languages in real time.
  4. You can click the 'Customize Current View' button in the navigation panel at the left of the window at any time to configure the display of the current view.
  5. You can configure: how Efficient Lady's Organizer is minimized; clicking the 'Close' button on the main window will close the program or minimize it; do you need to enter the password when the program is restored from the minimized state; and other options. You can click Tools -> Options -> General to complete this operation.
  6. You can customize the fonts for record lists, the default fonts for notes or diary, and the fonts for other display items. You can click Tools -> Options -> Fonts to complete this operation.

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