Go to the Diary Function Module

You can go to the Diary function module by clicking the command Go -> Diary, or by clicking the 'Diary' button on the navigation panel in the main window.

Navigation Panel

Diary entries can be managed by group. You can click Actions -> New Group to create a new diary entry group. 'Other Diary Entries' is the default group in Efficient Lady's Organizer. If a diary entry does not belong to any custom group, it will belong to the 'Other Diary Entries'' group. You can not delete or rename the 'Other Diary Entries'' group, or add a subgroup for it.
If you click the name of a group, diary entries belonging to this group appear in the diary entry list on the right.
When you right-click the name of a group on the group list, you can rename or delete this group.

Drag and drop is supported when you manage groups. You can drag 'Group A' to 'Group B' to make it a subgroup of 'Group B'; and you can also drag 'Group A' to 'All Diary Entries' or 'Other Diary Entries' to make it a normal group (i.e. a group that is not a subgroup of any other group).

Diary Entry Display List

You can click the 'Date View' or 'Group View' button on the toolbar to switch between display modes.

The diary entry display list is on the right side of the main window. When you right-click the list, a popup menu appears. You can double-click a diary entry to open it in the edit diary entry window. If you double-click some blank space in the list, the window to add a new diary entry will display.

If you press 'Ctrl+N', the window to add a new diary entry will appear; when you press 'Ctrl+O', the window to edit the currently selected entry will appear; and when you press 'Ctrl+D', the currently selected entry will be deleted and moved to the Recycle Bin.

By default, when a new entry is created, it is for today. To create an entry for a previous day, please click Actions -> New Diary Entry for a Previous Day.
If you want to import an RTF file or text file into the diary or export your file, please click Actions -> Import New Diary Entry from File/Export Diary Entry to File.

You can manage the grouping of diary entries by drag and drop. You can drag a diary entry in the list directly into a group in the navigation panel on the left.

Add New Diary Entry and Edit Diary Entry

The window to add a new diary entry and to edit a diary entry are the same.

You can also specify a weather icon and an emotion icon for each diary entry.
If you want to move an entry to another date, please click the 'Move To' button on the toolbar in the edit diary window.
When you click the File -> New Diary Entry in the edit diary window, you can create a new diary entry for today. If you want to create a new entry for a previous day, please click File -> New Diary Entry for a Previous Day. If you are in the main window, these two commands are on the 'Actions' menu.

When you are writing a diary entry, you can press 'Shift+Ctrl+S' at any time to save this entry without closing the edit window. You can press 'Ctrl+S' to save the content of the open entry and close the edit window.

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