Recycle Bin


Information removed is first sent to the 'Recycle Bin'. If you find some records were deleted by mistake, or you hope to undelete some records, you can restore them from the Recycle Bin.

You can empty the Recycle Bin periodically to improve the performance of the software.

You can go to the Recycle Bin function module by clicking the command Go -> Recycle Bin, or by clicking the 'Recycle Bin' button on the navigation panel in the main window.

Navigation Panel

Deleted data is grouped by type in the navigation panel. If you want to empty deleted information of a specific type, such as to empty all 'Deleted Contacts', please right-click the 'Deleted Contacts' group.

If you want to clear all data in the Recycle Bin, please click Tools -> Empty Recycle Bin.

Information Display List

The list of deleted entries is displayed on the right of the main window. If you hope to quickly restore an entry or completely delete the entry, please right-click this entry and click the corresponding command on the popup menu.

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