I have a version of Efficient Lady Organiser on my laptop, which is empty. I also have a Portable version on my pendrive, which contains data. Can I easily copy the data to the laptop version? I have looked at Help on Import and Export, but I can't make any sense of it, and I can't identify a file to export to.
If both software in your laptop and pendrive is Efficient Lady's Organizer, then you could copy the .eff(x) file in the pendirve to your laptop, and then open it in the organizer in the laptop.

I had the trial version for 30 days and never had time to try it due to the holidays. Can I try it for 30 days and use it this time before I buy it, please.
Yes, you could re-download the 30 days fully functional trial edition in our website and trial it for another 30 days. You could open the old file in the new software.

I downloaded the trial version of the Lady's Organizer. So far I like it. I do have a question however, that will determine whether I purchase it or not. Question-Does the Lady's Organizer offer a feature where a password is required to open the Diary (only). I am writing a book and wish to keep the Diary feature unaccessable, without entering a password first.
Yes, you could set a password for the Diary Module only in "File-password protection-password to login to Diary Module".

It is not possible to send emails with the lady organizer. It that correct?
You could send email to the single contact. In the "contact entry", you could send email to the contact by clicking the button next to the email address. But you couldn't receive email through our software. We plan to add the email client in the 5.0 version.

What functions are present in the pro version that aren't in the free?
You could get the differences by visiting

Just been wondering, what the difference is between the free version and the licensed version... Which are the opportunities of the paid one?
Please visit the following website to get the differences between the paid version and the free one

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