Can you tell how many pc's I have this on?
One license for the personal edition could be used in 3 computers, while that for the business edition could only be used in 1 computer.

I set up passwords on my Lady's Organiser but, unfortunately, I stupidly got them mixed up. I now cannot access the Password Manager. Is there any way I can solve this problem in order for me to retrieve the information I have stored there?
Sorry, we couldn't find the password for you since the function of password is to guard the custmoer's privacy.Remember, the password is case-sensitive. Therefore, please pay attention to the state of the Caps Lock key when you enter the password. Or you have to create a new file and enter the information manually.

I'm sorry to bother you again but due to my computer having had major problems & it losing loads of data, my lady's organiser has gone back to the trial version. As I'm not that proficient with computers, how do I go about entering the registration code to activate the full version again?
You could enter the registration code by clicking "Help-Re-enter registration code".

I am interested in the software entitled, "Efficient Lady's Organizer." I see the initial price is $69.95. Is this the annual fee that covers one software upgrade beyond the initial purchase? Also, what are the ongoing costs of upgrades and how often are the upgrades released?
We will provide two years free upgrade after you buy the software. You could check it in our website: .

I tried to upgrade my program after I got an e-mail saying an updated version was released. So, I followed the directions and downloaded program. I don't see a difference. What should I be expecting with this upgrade? I also see a window asking me to click on evaluation version or buy now. Will I have to pay after the 30 days are up? If I don't will I also lose my original program? I never uninstalled it when I downloaded the update.
Please visit our website to get the new ideas of the new version: . You could upgrade to the personal edition without any charge, but if you want to share the data, you need to upgrade to the network edtion. Please use the registration code we sent you in the last email which we told you we release a new version.

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