I purchased the Lady's Efficient Organizer. Today I received a notice of an upgrade so I went ahead and upgraded. Now I can't open it without the Registration code which is stored inside that program. This same thing happened with the diary software. I purchased that and after an upgrade my registration code (which I did have) was no longer accepted for the diary. Is there something I don't understand about purchasing Efficient software? Is the purchase only for 2 years? Or should I not download the upgrades? I do use both programs, but for different things. What do I do next?
Your code for Efficient Dairy is : ED-*** . But it has been expired on 8/22/2012. You can click Help -> About to see the detailed information about it. The code of our software has two years free upgrading. If you ungrade your software after 2 years, you can renew and continue to use it: Your code for Lady is: ELO-***. And it is the same. You can renw and continue to use it at:

What is the difference between Efficient Man's Organizer Free & Efficient Man's Organizer Pro?
Of course the Free edition has less functions. You can see more detailed information at

I have been using the evaluation version of your Efficient Lady's Organiser on my computer. I've decided I like it so would like to purchase the portable version to use on several computers. If I do this will I be able to transfer the data from my computer to the portable version to save me having to key it all in again?
Yes. Now one license for the personal (which is versus the network edition) edition could be used in three computers at maximum.

I am needing to load elo on my new computer but can not find my info to do that. I have purchased the program.
Firstly, please download the software in our website and install it into your new computer. Secondly, backup the data in your old computer. Thirdly, restore the backup file in the new software in your new computer.

I was updating recently this software, and lost my free access to this program. Is it still possible to send me a new registration code for the updated version? Before I was updating my organizer, I noticed I couldn´t see anymore this taskbar on the left side of the program. What can I do to get it again?
We have sent you the registration code for the 3.x version. Please choose "show more buttons" in the left bottom on the desktop of the software.

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