your information was helpful for the Lady's Organizer. I will continue to use that and probably not renew. For the Diary I purchased the program again because I needed the spell check. I will keep that edition, but will not renew that either. I guess I didn't understand how the purchase and updates worked.
since you bought our products, you have two years time for free upgrad, after two years, if you want to upgrade your version, you need renew it. if there is no need for you to upgrade, you can use the version you downloaded before forever. in the future, if you have any problem when use it. please contact us. we will try our best to help you solve it and thanks again for your support for our product.

What I did find out, after experimenting a bit, is that changing the settings in Tools, Options won't change the contacts listing. However, if you have the time and not too many contacts, you can change the Tools, Options setting -- let's say I change if from "First Name Last Name" to "Last Name, First Name." Then go into each contact, tab over the Full Name field, and start typing the contact's last name. Immediately the correct completion formatting (along with other options) pops up and you can hit ENTER. It's a pain if you have a lot of contacts, but I am new to this tool, so I only had 12-15 contacts. However, a programmatic fix to the display would be nice.
many thanks to your suggestion

I hate to keep bothering you, but my programs are still not working right. The registration codes you sent me are working, but are not retained in the memory. Each time I open the software I have to re-enter the code in both the Efficient Diary and the Efficient Ladies' Organizer. I don't care about any upgrade I would simply like to have my software working as it did before. I did pay for the programs, but did not think that I was only purchasing 2 years of usage. Why does it not retain the code?
your software free upgrading is due at 2012-08-2 and 2013-06-19. if you did not replace the version before, you can still use that version with the register code, but if you replaced, please renew it at:

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