Recently started using Efficient Lady's Organizer. Thx to "heartbleed" bug I started using the Password option. All going well until I logged out - & now cannot get back in. Now get a message telling me to open existing file or create another file. Have found the effx files & it comes up as belonging to PDF & it is in use to another file. Now what should I do, I have all my new passwords in it & it hate to start over. What am I doing wrong with this program that I seem to be frequently in trouble?
Thanks for contacting Efficient Software. Please don't worry, you can search *.effx file on your computer and then open it

I am interested in your Efficient Lady's organizer. How long is the product valid? (do I have to renew it annually?) Can both myself and my daughter use it (one download)on our own computers? (or do I need to pay for two downloads?) also...what is the difference between the free version and the paid one? (they both appear to have the same features, according to your website...if so, why would anyone pay if they can get it for free?)
You can buy the life time license, that means after you buy the 3 Years Lifetime Update License, you can enjoy the free upgrade all the way. If you buy the one year upgrade license, that means after you buy it, you can enjoy one year free upgrade, one year later, if you do not want to upgrade, you can use the version you have for a life time. You can use it on different computers, there is no need to pay for two downloads. Compared to paid version, free version has fewer functions.

I got a new computer and need to know how to transfer my efficient lady calendar from old one.
1,first backup your file, then copy it to the new computer,if do not know how to backup your data, you cann visit it at: 2,install lady's organizer on the new computer, then you can open and use your file again have a nice day

own the Efficient PIM, can I upgrade to the ladies version for the extra skins, if so, how much will it cost? Does the Ladies Version have all of the same features as the Efficient PIM? If I were to upgrade, would it keep all of my calendar dates and passwords?
these times special offer, and you can buy it in a much cheaper price and enjoy the life time free upgrade. and it has the full features of pim.

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