I was unable to download the update to chapter 7.effx Eff. Ldy Organ.-free when the notice to do so appeared. When I open the prgm the notice does not re-appear. Please tell me how I should proceed.
You could download the latest version in our official website: .

I've been having a problem opening my back-up files. I'm using the free version of ELO. Now, I couldn't open my files anymore. There's a pop-up command that says my file is not a valid Efficient Lady's Organizer Free file. Is there a way to have my files written in here recovered? I badly need my files to be recovered. Please help.
Please search the .eff file in your computer and open it in our software.

I have "Efficient Lady's Organizer Free 1.06 (Build 21), Copyright 2010 Efficient Software, English location" on my laptop. While working with the ALL EVENTS list, I reduced the Navigation Panel, on the left side, and apparently closed it. It has disappeared. I am unable to open it and, now, have no access to Contacts, or any other feature. I see nothing in the Help materials, or the FAQ of your website, to address this issue. Have I missed it? Is there a solution? I look forward to receiving your reponse.
Please open the file C:\Documents and Settings\{Your User Name}\Application Data\Efficient Lady's Organizer Free\EfficientLadysOrganizerFree.ini in Notepad, and delete the line of NavBarWidth=. Or, you can delete the file.

I'm trying out the free version to see if I like it before purchasing. There is one thing I see that I don't like and maybe there is some way around it. Is there a way to show a monthly calendar that isn't cluttered with all of your daily activities? Is there a way to keep your schedule but not display it on the monthly view (only on the daily view). It makes it hard to view birthdays and holidays and the more important events you'd like to see over the mundane stuff. Please advise as soon as possible. This software is almost perfect and I would like to purchase it if there is a way around this issue.
Please right click your mouse in the Calendar View, then click the "Filter" command in the pop-up menu, you can choose not to display some labeled events. You can also click the "Include tasks" and "Hide completed tasks" option on the left side of the interface to display or hide the tasks in Calendar View.

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