Hi , I've downloaded the free version of Efficient Lady's Organizer , and i did install it , but now when i launch it , i see some strange and unknown characters, I've selected ENGLISH while installing , but the interface is not English ... i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it .. but it did not work .. what should i do?
Please click the "Langauges" command in the "Tools" menu to switch interface language.

I've been using your software for a few months now and I like it very much. Although I'm using the free version but the features are great and fulfill all my needs. Thank you for developing such an awesome software. I have one request though. It would be great if you could change Content Brief to Title in Diary page. It is much easier to view and search. Hope this request do not bother you. Keep up the good work!
Please click "Customize Current View" button the left side of the interface, then you can set to display the "Title" column but not the "Content Brief" column.

Am I able to backup my organizer and transfer to another computer??Or access from another computer?
Please click the "Backup" command in the "File" menu to save your data documents into the usb flash drive. Then install the software in your other computers, click "Restore" command in the "File" menu to restore the data from the usb flash drive.

How is this product different from outlook besides being pink?
I think, you have some understanding on the difference between the two. Lady's Organizer pays more attention on the portability, usability and simplicity, besides, the software goes in for the management of personal information including the password.

I downloaded the free version of ELO onto my old computer, but had to buy a new one since mine gave a lot of problems. I had the old drive from the previous computer included into the new computer (ie drive D) to keep all the old documents I had. Now I cannot find the information I saved on my organizer, and would like to know whether you can assist me in finding the information on my computer.
You data is saved in the My Documents\My Information.eff document as default. Please try to search .eff document in the folder: D:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\My Documents. Or you can search the .eff document with your Explorer in Disk D.

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